2 EVS volunteers from Bulgaria

2 EVS volunteers from Bulgaria

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Dear Sending organisations from Bulgaria

I am contacting you on behalf of Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) Macedonia, on a very urgent matter. We have open positions for 2 EVS volunteers from Bulgaria, with EVS placement that should start as soon as possible in this month, latest the 1st of June.

We have approved EVS project and placement for 2 Volunteers from Bulgaria for a period of 8 months. The project has started month ago, and we still don't have volunteers. Unfortunately, our partner organisation from BG canceled in last moment due to lack to find volunteers; Therefore we need volunteers as soon as possible

As accredited organisations we are contacting you, and we would like to ask you to forward this call to any of your volunteers that might be interested to be part of this project.

The project “Volunship: Exchange of practices in European Citizenship through Volunteering” involve EVS service in the city of Kumanovo, in the organization CID.The project main aim is to explore and exchange practices in the field of European Citizenship, by providing volunteering opportunities for young people.

The project is open for anyone (18-30 years old) interested to contribute to work with youngsters in local community of Kumanovo on art and culture workshops; youth information activities; or on research and policy activities;

It will be great opportunity for students and graduates in media, social work, law or cultural studies; Any youngsters who did not had a chance to get to university or a facing any kind of obstacle (are youth with fewer opportunities) are highly welcome to apply to this project

Shortly the service will be about  be working with local youth workers and youth leaders to implement different types of actions and initiatives in the local community in the field of:

Art and Culture activities: Workshops in local youth centers; outdoor presentations etc;

Youth Policy: Collaboration with local youth council;

Youth information activities: Promotion of EVS and volunteering opportunities for young people;

Youth Info City: Working on development of youth friendly website;

Youth Online Radio Club: Working with youngster of a online youth radio;

We would kindly ask you to help us to find volunteers that will be interested to spend next 8 month in Macedonia and be their sending organization. Please spread the call and let us know if you would be able to be a sending organisations for volunteers, no later then 14th of May;

Enclosed please find the call for participants and more info on the project. Please note that CID is an organizations with 8 years of experience in hosting and sending EVS volunteers; We have hosted more than 50 volunteers in Kumanovo and support them to personally develop and learn through the service

For any information, please do not hesitate to contact us;

Thank you for taking the time to read this email

We are looking forward to your reply

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