младежко проучване

младежко проучване

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Survey: The EU Youth Strategy 2010-2018 - What young people think!
The European Commission has launched a survey on the EU Youth Strategy 2010-2018.
The EU Youth Strategy sets the framework for European cooperation in the youth field for the period 2010-2018, and it aims to:
- provide more and equal opportunities for young people in education and the job market;
- encourage young people to actively participate in society.

Young people between the age of 15 and 30 are invited to join the survey and have make their voice heard.

The survey will only take 15 minutes and will be open until 16 August 2015.

Survey is available in 6 languages!
English: http://bit.ly/1DtIs0Q
German: http://bit.ly/1efMQK4
Spanish: http://bit.ly/1MnMFLw
French: http://bit.ly/1TTACH3
Italian: http://bit.ly/1Ii7LZj
Polish: http://bit.ly/1CWQkwE

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